Makeup ArtistDoing your own makeup vs professional makeup artist

Doing your own makeup vs professional makeup artist?


If you’re not sure if you should do your own makeup or hire a professional makeup artist, here are a few things to consider? Are you a professional makeup artist in Chicago, IL? Do you have time to do your own makeup and get ready for your wedding? How much money are you willing to spend on your makeup? These are all questions that you should be ready to answer before you consider doing your own makeup. Luckily, we’re going to help you save time. That’s right! Here at Pretty on Point, we understand how much time and effort goes into makeup. Therefore we have to put together a quick article filled with wedding makeup information, just for you. Hopefully, once your done reading this article about wedding makeup, you will be able to select the best option for your wedding makeover.

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First, let’s get down to business! If you’re thinking about doing your own makeup, you’re probably thinking about the cost of wedding makeover. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, most brides find themselves in this position. But, before you make a final decision, take moment to think about this. Can you really afford to do your own makeup? Granted the price of doing your makeup is free, the cost of doing your own makeup is expensive. In essence, the cost of doing your own makeup is expensive because you have to buy all of your own makeup artist materials which includes, foundations, makeup brushes, concealers, primers, mascaras and more. Not to mention, you’re probably not planning on building a career as a professional makeup artist. Therefore, such expenses can be avoided and put towards something more important for your wedding.

With this in mind, spending an average of $300 for your hair and makeup sure does beat spending thousands of dollars on hair and makeup supplies for your wedding. Wouldn’t you agree? If so, you should consider hiring our local West Palm Beach wedding makeup artist for your wedding.


Beyond the cost of wedding makeup, doing your own makeup requires experience. While there’s plenty of time to experiment with your favorite lipstick, your wedding isn’t the best time. Just take a moment to think about it. There’s nothing worse than dropping the ball on your makeup on your wedding day. If you make one mistake on your wedding makeup, you will have to live with it in all of your wedding photos. Do you really want to chance your makeup on your special day? Trust us. It’s not worth it. Hire a professional wedding makeup artist that knows how to bring out the best in you.

Here at Pretty on Point our professional makeup artist are licensed cosmetologist with years of wedding makeup experience. We bring a well-versed palette of skills to help you achieve a flawless makeover. From eyebrows to eyelashes, to foundations, and lipstick, we understand what it takes to give you the perfect facial application. And the best part is we can help you look amazing without any smears or mistakes. Our makeup artist can help you look amazing all day and night for your wedding. Don’t you deserve to look your best on your special day? If so, let us help you bring out the best in you.


As far as time goes, wedding makeup styles take time. Henceforth, if you don’t have the right amount of time to prepare your wedding makeup, you’re wedding can be a disaster. Trust us. You don’t want to watch a quick wedding makeup tutorial on youtube on your wedding day. One of the biggest problems that you might encounter is learning how to properly apply your makeup in a timely fashion. Therefore, you need someone with the right amount of professional experience to help you get your makeup done on time without having to worry about wasting time making mistakes.

Plus, if you’re getting ready for your wedding you have a thousand other things that you need to be getting ready for. Therefore, you don’t need any more stress added to your plate. You need someone that can help you make your wedding day without any extra stress. You need Pretty on Point Bridal Hair and Makeup Artists. We are committed to helping you make your special day. Even if we have to come to you, our mobile makeup artist will do your makeup on-site.


For brides looking forward to those picture perfect moments, hiring a professional makeup artist makes a huge difference. For starters wedding, a makeup artist can help you prime your skin so that you have the perfect complexion in the camera. Our licensed makeup artist also understand what kind of tones and highlights best fit your skin tone. Therefore, you can look amazing at every turn. We can help you make every side your good side. Trust us. There’s nothing quite like having that special glow on your special day.

Nevertheless, if you choose to do your own makeup, you may struggle with finding the perfect glow for your wedding photos. In the same light, you might not have the experience to bring out the right highlights in your skin tones. Therefore you might not have the confidence that you need to shine brightly in all of your pictures. Don’t let your beauty makeup look prevent you from taking amazing pictures. Let our professional makeup artist help you get the perfect photos for you.



At the end of the day, everyone wants their makeup to be flawless on their wedding day. Therefore we recommend you consider one of our local Willowbrook – Chicago makeup artist for your wedding. Bridal makeup isn’t something that should be skipped over. Your wedding day makeup is just as important as your dress. Don’t do something that you regret for the rest of your life. Hire a professional makeup artist that can help you save time, and money. Hire a bridal makeup artist that has the experience that you need to transform the way that you look for your special day. Contact Pretty on Point today, and let one of our professional makeup artists help you get the look that you deserve.